Our programmes cover conservation, academics, research and outreach/ extension. This involved proper planning, evolving strategy and implementation. Our strategy involved pooling materials, establishing themes, maintaining the themes following standard silviculture and horticulture practices.


Our themes are. selected in such a way as to address the targets and goals. Our strategy is to suit our man power and resource to optimum and expand the themes year after year. Thus over the past 4 years or so, we could establish 32 themes. These themes cover broadly conservation, medical formulations, spiritual components, tradition and culture, unique resources groups and so on.

The following is a detailed list of our existing themes :

Themes Established

Spiritual Plants Primary Health Care Threatened Plants
Zodiac/ Rasi Nakshatra/ Star Plants Navagraha
Dasamoola Dasapushpa Trikadu
Triphala Nalpamaram Dye yielding plants
Fragrance/ aromatic Ayur connect Ginger and relatives
Bambusetum Orchids Ferns
Palms Cactii & Succulents Thulasithadam
Rasayana Substitutes/ adulterants Fruit Forest
Aquatic Butterfly Garden Dravyaguna syllabus
Bamboos Hibiscus Bamboo Avenue
Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav Oushdhi Vatika Agroforestry Model Gymnosperms
Covid-19 Garden Nutrition Garden Ottayan
Smriti Vatika Kerala Thanima Rasayana



Realising the necessity of large stock of seedlings for the gardening and promotion of bioresources we started establishing a nursery and expanding the present nursery with state of art facilities with mist chamber, green houses and nursery beds.
The same nursery is also been used to implement the externally funded projects for cultivation of medicinal plants etc. this is perhaps one of the nurseries having such a large diversity of species conventionally not seen elsewhere.