Green Ahalia along with IFGTB Coimbatore has evolved a germplasm conservation plot for Gmelina arborea, for studying the growth and performance of Gmelina arborea seedlings from different parts of southern India gathered and multiplied by IFGTB as part of their research programme. The initial observations are that most of these trials are very promising.

This study is in addition to what we had started with IFGTB during 2020 on Dasamoola and 11 threatened medicinal plants. The following is the list of the plants in the plot Premna, Gmelaina, Strychnos nux-vomica, Ocimum indicum, Sandal, Aegle marmelos Terminalia belirica, Pterospermum .marsupium, Strychnos potatorum, Stereospermum suaveolensens, Saraca asoca. Few of the species like Oroxylum has already started flowering and fruiting. It is very significant to note that the plot could make species like Strychnos potatorum survive and grow well.