At Ahalia we give major thrust to outreach and extension to carry our findings and useful information for promoting ecological and environmental advancement to the community. For this we adopt several strategies that include Extension material, publications, radio messages, trainings, exposure visits etc.

Dr. Smitha et al presented their findings in the Ayurveda conference and also published the research paper.

Similarly, Radio messages/clips promoting over 30 species on Ahalia FM 90.4 radio which has attracted many a listener. Dr. Smitha has conceived and narrated the relevance of each species crisply covering the cultivation, health management etc.

We have also used the medium of training and seminar mode to educate and create awareness about medicinal plants and their cultivation by the community. Our effort was supported by the Regional cum Facilitation Centre (Southern region) of NMPB towards the end of 2021 and conducted exposure visit of the participants to the cultivation sites and thematic gardens maintained in Ahalia.

Several of our thematic garden inaugurations done as public events get media coverage and thereby serve the purpose of outreach.