Agroforestry conventionally are, with agricultural crops and forestry important timber or other trees. Dr. Syam Viswanath of KFRI muted a proposal with us to give a trial of a modified agroforestry model where the all-important Sandal is the main crop. Since Sandal requires host species, we have tried fruit trees and bamboo as host plants. The species selected are Phyllanthus emblica, Mangifera indica, Citrus limon, Psidium guajava, Aegle marmelos, Punica garanatum etc. this project was started in 2020 In association with KFRI.

In subsequent years we realized that we could fruitfully use the intervening space in each of these agroforestry plots under 8 blocks with annual crops of medicinal plants. For such intercropping we tried species like Withania somnifera, Coleus amboinicus, Andrographis paniculata , Aloe vera, Pseudathria viscida, Desmodium gangeticum etc. This has since become a pioneering plot for training purpose.