Padma Shri Sathynarayanan Mundayoor, Co-ordinator, Lohit Youth Library Network, Arunachal Pradesh -02/12/2019

  • It was a great pleasure visiting the Green Ahalia programme of the Ahalia institution today. I could see the various medicinal garden laid out aesthetically and providing us great learning inputs on their importance in our lives. I was also able to go around the very artistic sculptures, mural exhibitions, museum and found them of great experiences. Prayers and best wishes to all members of the Ahalia Family.

Dr. P E Rajasekharan, Principal Scientist, Division of Plant Genetic Resources, IIHR, Bangalore – 18/03/2020

  • It was a great experience to visit Ahalia campus today with Dr. K Haridasan sir and his team. The various concept medicinal plant garden, this gardens will take a good shape in over two years. It is a good effort for conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plant resources.


Prof.  Maya C Nair, Principal, Government Victoria College, Palakkad – 04/09/2020

  • Excellent collection of rare medicinal plants aimed to conserve the biodiversity. The heritage village, with museum attracted much beyond expectation. Need visit once more to cover the entire stretch of the campus. Efforts by Green Ahalia project is highly commendable and expected to be one of the world heritage sites for bioresources in the near future.

Dr. K M Prabhukumar, Scientist, NBRI – 12/11/2020

  • An awesome collection of rare, endemic and medicinal plants conserved under different themes like Keralathanima, Navagraha, spiritual etc. Big salute to the ideas and establishments. This gene pools should be an asset to the society and students for their future studies and understandings. Personal thanks and congrats to tem Ahalia especially Dr. K Haridasan sir, Sabik and Dr. Sreejith.

Dr. Sreekumar V B, Senior Scientist, KFRI – 28/12/2020

  • The project “Green Ahalia” is an excellent collection of diverse thematic gardens including Palmetum, Bambusetum, Dye Yielding plants, RET Garden, Star forest etc. The collections are well managed and neatly labelled. This collection will help to enrich biodiversity values, ecosystem services and will serve as an excellent concept for biodiversity conservation for students and farmers. The novel concept like sandal based agroforestry model will serve concepts to farmers and other people. I wish all the success and this garden will be an asset to the state.


Prof. S K Barik, Former Director, CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow – 10/01/2021

  • Visited different plantations/gardens representing invaluable plant resources of our country. Many threatened species, which are extremely rare today, have seen conserved in Ahalia Campus. The vanished knowledge such as Dye yielding plants are extremely important to educate our new generations about India’s rich plant resource heritage. I congratulate Ahalia for this noble effort, which many govt. organizations responsible for such activities are far behind. Ahalia must continue such activities with enhanced efforts and outstanding vision.

Dr. K K Seethalakshmi, President URAVU, Wynad and Formerly Chief Scientist at KFRI,Thrissur – 19/04/2021

  • It was a very nice experience visiting the campus. A lot of effort is taken for conservation of plants. It is grouped nicely to different themes. Will be an asset for future.

Dr. K C Chacko – 04/08/2021

  • A well maintained campus and a set of young staff working to undertake any challenge. Best wishes.

Dr. T K Hrideek – 04/09/2021

  • It was a great experience. Well maintained and thematic planting of various medicinal and aromatic plants. Great efforts by Haridasan sir and his team. Wish all the success in future.

Dr. N Sasidharan, Regional Director, NMPB-RCFC (SR), KFRI, Peechi – 22/12/2021

  • I am very much impressed with the activities of Green Ahalia. I wish all the success.

Dr. R R Rao – 06/09/2022

    • It was a wonderful experience going around different divisions of Green Ahalia. Impressed by their efforts. More of scientific projects be initiated to expand the ongoing efforts of Ahalia. My compliments and best wishes to the team.