Green Ahalia


Currently we have 32 themes that will touch 50 in a couple of years. Our stress is projecting and conserving bio resources, preserving a germplasm, promoting sustainable use. Towards achieving this goal we have been creating facilities for propagation, maintaining rich stock of planting materials, stocking of seeds and propagation materials and so on. These are achieved through the dedicated service of a small but passionate team committed to fostering environment. In our effort we could receive liberal support and guidance from various quarters which include institutes of excellence, NGOs, CBOs, Educational institutes, state government departments etc. to our luck we have the best brains to guide us by way of our Advisory Board Members. We are aiming high and trying to reach out. During the short period of our existence, we could make perceptible impact and achieve recognitions.

Ahalia campus lying in the eastern part of the Palakkad gap of western ghats experiences slightly semi-arid conditions and the land scape looks mostly dry for most part of the year. The district though rich in bio-diversity has no single location where the bio resources is properly maintained as a germplasm. To fill the void and make the landscape greener, Ahalia foundation embarked on a remarkable programme christened Green Ahalia with the patronage of our visionary chairman Dr. Gopal who is passionate about the environment Conservation and Sustainable use. We began the journey from June 5, 2017 establishing thematic gardens.


Now researchers are also being attracted to exchange programmes and field work at our campus. We look forward to the next level of existence where are are self propelled and sustained contributing significantly to the cause of environment and promoting green initiatives.

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