Green Ahalia explores commercial orchid venture

Team Green Ahalia recently visited Pearl Orchids Pazhaniyar palayam Kozhinjampara, Palakkad. This is an amazing facility stocking large number of exotic orchids owned by Muhammad Moosa. Dendrobium, Vanda, Phalenopsis, Renanthera, Mokara, spathoglotis etc Few slipper orchids are priced over 20000 rupees even. Their irrigation arrangements, displays, cultivation benches, tending operations etc is a learning experience. They have also a good integrative plantation of Coconut, Nutmeg, Black pepper, Arecanut, Dragon fruit etc. there are many other plants like Hoya being cultivated here. We bought few Orchids. It is a worthy visit for us. We are looking forward to see our facility at Ahalia also to be at this level.