To Wayanad in pursuit of rare plants and bamboo species

Green Ahalia is maintaining a threatened plant (RET) Garden offering shelter and refuge to them. We are also having the largest Bambusetum in terms of species diversity in Palakkad district. As part of our expansion programme we are engaging ourselves to collect more and more species possible to cultivate in Ahalia ecosystem. With this aim in mind Sri Sabik and Midhun had a quick visit to Wayanad where they spent time at MSSRF, Uravu etc which are known for their wide collection of RET species and Bamboo respectively. This trip helped us to gather over 20 species of dicot species and 21 bamboo species. On our way back we had a visit to KFRI Nilambur sub Centre and explored availability of species for our garden. Here we could get, with the help of Dr. U M Chandrasekhara and Dr. Mallikarjuna Swamy, a very curious and interesting species the Victoria amazonica (the amazon Giant Water Lily) which has the largest leaves for aquatic plants which can hold floating a baby itself. This if survives is going to be first in the district and a major attraction. A special pond is being constructed for the species at Ahalia campus.