OISCA – Green Ahalia Convention

Green Ahalia joins hand with OISCA for the two-day convention on Ecological sustainability to save our planet. The event was organised during 20th and 21st August 2022 and attended by OISCA delegated from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in addition to students from Ahalia educational institutions. The two-day function had lectures, presentations, green parliament, accounts on bio-resource like bamboos, medicinal plants etc, experience sharing by women entrepreneurs etc. the participants also could experience the Greener Ahalia campus, Thematic gardens and the art and culture parks and so on. Many resource persons lauded the effort by Ahalia Chairman and the team for a positive shift that has happened in greener environment, water conservation and the alternate energy harnessing practiced in Ahalia campus.

The event also showcased the products from Ahalia Medicine Manufacturing Unit who has put up a stall that attracted many who bought the products. The green Ahalia team along with the Ahalia Events team worked had and ensured a very successful conduct of the convention. The convention has got wide media coverage both in the vernacular press and English newspapers apart from social media platforms.