Botanical Survey of India southern circle Supports Green Ahalia

As a reciprocation to Dr. M U Sharief, Scientist in charge Botanical Survey of India (Southern Circle) Coimbatore and his colleague Dr. Shahul Hameed’s visit to Green Ahalia on 29th November 2022, the Green Ahalia team made a trip to BSI Coimbatore and National Orchidarium, Yercaud on 3rd and 4th February 2023 as per their suggestion. This was a great learning experience for our team. The information got, includes the type specimens of Syzygium palghatensis, maintenance of herbarium, taxonomic arrangement of herbarium, Fumigation and insect repellent processes adopted and so on. The palms and cactii growing here are expected to be shared in due course as and when the fruits ripe. At Yercaud, lying in the Eastern ghats at over 1500m MSL, the team got a tremendous exposure to wild species of Orchids and rare and exotic plants. The prominent ones include Nepenthes khasiana, Bentinckia condapana, Solandra maxima, numerous species of Begonia, Impatiens, Ferns like Botrychium and so on. Over 278 species of orchids are grown here. The trip resulted in collection of several plants for Green Ahalia gardens. These have been stocked in our nursery and Orchid house which are significant additions to the biodiversity of Ahalia campus.