AAEPL is well expertise in taking statutory approvals for the RE projects from KSEB,KSEI and KSERC. We can assist you to get the technical feasibility, Registration, and all other technical approvals from the concerned authorities within the planned schedule of the project.

To explore and optimally develop renewable energy resources in the State so as to meet the electricity demand in future and to save electrical energy through energy efficiency measures and Demand Side Management.


  • Land acquisition and approvals
  • Solar radiance assessment
  • Infrastructure and power evacuation
  • Supply chain – procurement of modules, inverts and Balance-of-Systems
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Tax rebate and documentation pertaining to it
  • Centralized communication network – in-house SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition system)
  • Life cycle asset management – operations and maintenance.
  • Develop and integrate efforts to connect Renewable Energy resources to the grid.
  • Reduce demand by Demand Side Management (DSM) Activities.
  • Reduce losses by Supply Side Management.
  • Implement Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Implement Energy Savings programs
  • Explore and Develop innovative idea in Power.