AAEPL provide complete Operation & protection (O&M) at some of huge scale solar farms and over installations, in addition to coping with wind turbines.

Our services are tailor-made to fulfill the individual requirements of our customers. With our electrical engineers being exceptionally certified there are no regulations at the upkeep and servicing we will provide.

We are committed to preserving our customers’ assets to the very best standards, making sure they perform properly and efficaciously to supply most economic returns.

The following services should be included in any serious maintenance contract:

Site visits: The maintenance company should come nearby to review your establishment and examine whether it is creating the measure of intensity it has guaranteed.

Electrical system checks: Maintenance companies ought to have the capacity to check the electrical frameworks to ensure they are performing legitimately — and make remedies on the off chance that they are definitely not.

Solar Inverter preventative maintenance: They ought to have the capacity to do similar checks and adjustments for your sun based inverters.