8.4 MW wind farm

The wind potential of the wind tunnel areas of western Ghats’ where AHHKV campus is housed, once recognized led to subsequent studies in an effort to calculate the potential for wind energy development in the campus. On completion of these studies and analyses of the results the organization made further efforts to capitalize on the established high wind channels of the area and thus a Suzlon made 80 m lattice wind mast was commissioned in May 2007.

The wind data was measured at 80 m, 65 m and 50 m levels for the period from Apr 2008 to March 2009. Subsequently Ahalia Alternate Energy Pvt. Ltd. was formed to channelize and prioritize the efforts in harnessing this wind potential and developing renewable energy. An 8.4 MW wind turbine generator project was conceived after due discussions with KSEB. After further brainstorming with the director of KSEB and with their assurances of complete support technical sanction was gained and AAL initiated the erection and installation of the 2.1MW WTGs in campus.